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Veganista Revolution!

Connie and her daughter Amanda have dedicated the past year to creating recipes that will appeal to everyone and will make transitioning to a plant based diet easy and fun.

They started by asking friends and family members the question, “If you were to become vegan, what food would you miss the most?” The responses ranged from a simple suggestion to actual recipes. Some gave us one and some gave hundreds!

This book is the result of remaking many family and individual recipes into plant based versions that are as delicious and satisfying as the originals. Becoming plant based isn’t about deprivation. It’s about building health while enjoying great food. Connie and Amanda are certified health coaches and have formed the business Health Matters Northwest LLC to spread the good news about the one factor that makes the most difference to a healthful and happy life: Good Food!

Over 100 delicious plant-based recipes including appetizers, salads, baked goods, entrees, and more. Paper-bound, 92 pages, color photos. By Constance Coquillette and Amanda Nelson. Copyright 2014.