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After several informative discussions with Lisa Fishman about inflammation, food that can cause it, and how it impacts our bodies, I decided to change my diet. For nearly 30 years I have struggled with arthritis symptoms that include stiff joints, sore muscles, and painful feet. A gluten-, dairy-free diet, including lots of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables has greatly reduced my symptoms. I felt better in just a few weeks after beginning my new way of eating, and my digestive system works better than it has in my entire life! I am so grateful to Lisa for enlightening me on the latest advances in nutritional science!   - from Ann J
Thanks to Lisa's gentle guidance and enthusiasm for a vegan lifestyle, I have begun to change not only my eating choices, but my grocery shopping habits as well.  Her knowledge and suggestions have made me more aware than ever before of the benefits of going vegan.  And it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!  There are so many tasty options, I never feel deprived.   - from Jo H

I was not making the connection between my food choices and the one thing that is most
important to me in the world, my love of animals.  I met Connie and here is how her wisdom
changed me and put me on the path of greater consciousness and a huge improvement in
my health. I was a hard core animal eater and a total animal lover at the same time.  I was
particularly fond of milk products and some of the meats that were used in my favorite
Italian recipes.  What was a pizza without the pepperoni?  What was a cookie without a
glass of milk?  Connie helped me to see that living a plant based lifestyle can be equally delicious and definitely more congruent with my values.  She is a great teacher, and we started with the food.  I've followed a plant based diet for 3 years now, but recently I received some coaching support from Connie to make the next step to becoming a healthy vegan.  I gave up some of the processed vegan foods, and I now use way less refined oils in my cooking.  I was initially hooked on vegan baking.  With Connie's encouragement and guidance, I started with a juice cleanse/detox to reset my relationship with food.  
​I then transitioned to a healthier version of my vegan diet and so far I have lost 20 pounds with no hunger, just eating healthy whole foods!   
- from Jo L

My health coach, Lisa Fishman, has helped me make profound changes in my life and health. She took the time to understand who I am and what makes me tick. At times, she seemed to know me better than I knew myself. After our work together, I have not so much been on a diet as changed my lifestyle. With her help, I have incorporated elements of a whole foods, plant-based diet that have contributed to dropping my weight to levels I have not seen in decades. I find that I am not hungry, eat regular snacks and have developed the strength to resist donuts and other foods that I really didn’t want to eat but somehow felt compelled to do so.  Thanks, Lisa!   - from Jay B